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Present Perfect

SILVERMAN and The Majestic Theatre Condominium Association present: Susan Isaac “Present Perfect” curated by Kristin J. DeAngelis.

“Human beings are all woven together like a tapestry by the threads of traditions and cultures, through shared experiences, hopes and dreams, generational progress and achievements, and the primal instinct to survive. However, in the drudgery of our monotonous existence, we forget what makes us unique and settle for mediocrity,” says Isaac. “Present Perfect is a journey down that path of remembrance – respecting the people and turning points that have been pivotal in my life and continue to shape my thinking and character. Our individual experiences are personal and inimitable, but the underlying theme is shared by millions.”

Click on an image for more information about the art and the inspiration behind it.

Sold pieces are marked with a red dot (🔴) after the title.

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