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From a very young age, Susan Isaac was often told to remember her roots. As an Indian who grew up in the Sultanate of Oman, she was exposed to a rich amalgam of cultures and traditions that coexisted in perfect harmony with the ever-changing progressive landscape of the time. Her work is inspired by Indian and Middle Eastern art and culture with a touch of contemporary motifs. Mandalas have constantly been a way for her to express her emotions and a means to draw inspiration from. The symmetry of a design helps with finding creative balance. While sticking to symmetrical motifs on a normal basis, Susan also breaks from tradition once in a while and adds a contemporary twist to her work.

The creative process is all about striking the right balance between the intricate details and the explosion of colors. She draws heavily from nature for her palette inspirations - be it a simple flower or a breathtaking sunset. Every line and each stroke of her painstakingly created work brings out the inner perfectionist. The repeating patterns and motifs aim to take the viewer’s attention from the mundane to a transcendental realm of focus and relaxation. 

Susan Isaac's art is a reflection of her love of life, nature, and symmetry. Her work is a physical translation of her motto "Elegance in Simplicity." Currently, she lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with her husband, Asish, and their cat, Anastasia.

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